To help Kiwis makes sense of connected technology, we saw an opportunity to create an online resource that profiled energy related products, supported and available in New Zealand. The Energyhub team have spent months researching, testing and trialing products to include on the site. We want to know about your experiences too. On each product page, you can post feedback and share tips for others to read.

The Pilot site (also known as a Beta) is not the final version of Energyhub. We know it needs some refining and tweaking and we want to work with you, our customer, to co-create Energyhub. We have set up a Feedback tab on the site where we invite you to tell us what you think. Specifically, we want to know what other products you would like to know about and, what features you would like added to the site.

We value your feedback!

Please feel free to suggest a product you would like to see on the Energyhub site.

This service is open to anyone. You are welcome to view and offer any feedback.

You do not need to register to write a review.
However, we do want Energyhub to remain transparent, with fair and honest reviews. To ensure this we manage all reviews before they are posted.

You can provide feedback on the service and/or a product by email to [email protected] This feedback may be used for information purposes, but will not be published or used by Genesis when reviewing the product inclusion in the service

Energyhub will be led by what you and other kiwis would like us to offer. Initially, this service is to provide you with information about products that are available in New Zealand. If you would like the ability to purchase the products on Energyhub in the future, please let us know.

Can’t Find Your Question?

Please get in touch via our Contact Page and we will do our best to answer your question.